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I'm just here for the books

interests Well being of my family and pets, family history, family history, old family photographs, modern photography, must have my computer- laptop- kindle and cellphone or I feel like I am lost. favorite books My read and to-read list pretty much says it all. I love to share what I am reading with my husband and young teen stepdaughter. I also love the evenings when we are all three curled up in the living room with books/kindles. about me MY LIKES/LOVES Family. Pets. Friends. Crafting in general. Dinner out. Reading. Pool Parties in the summer. Gardens. Flowers. Camping. Wildlife. Family History Research. Facebook. Sleeping in – that hasn’t happened in a long time but I still love it! ☺ Old Family photographs. Great dinners in Vegas. Visiting with my Grandmother in MN. Long rambling chats about nothing with relatives I don’t get to see very often. Up cycling. Solar